Elsie Love Bracelet 18k Gold Plated



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Embrace luxury and elegance with the ELSIE LOVE Bracelet, adorned in captivating 18K Gold Plating. This exceptional bracelet arrives complete with a screwdriver for effortless adjustments, boasting a width of 6.1 mm that exudes a confident and chic aura.

Product Details:
Introducing the mesmerizing ELSIE LOVE Bracelet, a fusion of artistry and opulence that sets it apart. Delve into the intricacies that shape this exquisite piece:

Content + Care:
The bracelet's unique closure is ingeniously secured with two functional screws thoughtfully placed on either side. Assistance is advised for opening and closing.


Collection: ELSIE LOVE
Material: V gold
Plating Options: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver (18K Gold Plated)
Craftsmanship: PVD 5x Layered
Width: 0.24 inches (6.1 mm)
Weight Range: 1.06-1.34 ounces
Bangle Thickness: 0.08 inches
Experience the allure of the ELSIE LOVE bracelet, enriched with radiant Cubic Zircon stones and meticulously layered PVD craftsmanship. It transcends mere accessory, embodying sophistication and refined style that complements your exceptional taste.